Friday, March 25, 2016


Although I love them all, Easter is my favorite "holiday". Partially for the time of year... The weather is finally warm and the trees and plants are full of beautiful blooms. Outside play-time and sunshine on my skin are like fuel to my heart- like I've come to life again after another long winter! Brunch, family, church, egg hunts, and fun-filled baskets... Easter Sunday holds some of my favorite memories. 

Most of all, the reason for this celebration hits me deeper than any other. As a Christian- recognizing the ultimate sacrifice of my Savior, celebrating his miraculous resurrection, and realizing the life-changing forgiveness of my sins. What a HUGE statement. Spring time... when I see the light at the end of winter's tunnel, new-life budding all around me, and I'm given a day to simply ponder on the unimaginable and celebrate the new life I have been given through this LOVE. 

New physical life for our family as well as we await the arrival of our new baby boy! Two week count-down, but I'd be happy with him arriving any day now :-) I'm also finishing up my final pieces for my senior show which opens in just three weeks. I will finally be graduating with my Bachelors in Fine Arts with a concentration in Drawing & Design! Needless to say, this upcoming month is a very exciting (and busy) time for us! 

Walter was able to meet the Easter bunny a couple weeks ago at a local egg-hunt. W is so excited for him to come back and visit our house! Soooo... the bunny has been working to gather things for his Easter basket ;-) W will also be blessed with quite a few treats from his loving grandparents, so again this year, I steered clear of candy-treats. He is so funny about treats- not much interest in sugar-candy like jelly beans and fruit snacks but will do anything for "chocolat√©"! He likes the good stuff like his mama. 

Here are some toddler-friendly & candy-free ideas for last minute filling of your Easter Baskets! This year, I decided to fill a big dump truck (instead of a basket) with his treats! I think he'll enjoy filling it up with dirt and sand since we're starting to enjoy most of our day outside. I found this truck at Target, unavailable online. Below is the list and direct links to his other goodies! 

Walter's Easter Basket
1. Washable Paints
2. Melissa & Doug Paint Brushes
3. Happy Easter Book
4. Parachute Military Man
5. Travel Sized Doodle Pad (I found at the Dollar Tree, but similar linked here <<)
6. No-Spill Bubble Bucket (also available at Target)
7. Stickers
8. Annies Cheddar Bunny Crackers 

I hope this list helps put the finishing touches on your little-one's basket! Each year, his baskets have been full of new outdoor activities for him like chalk, bubbles, spring outfits, sunglasses, beach-toys, gardening-toys, and balls... baskets can still be fun-filled with a little less sugar ;-)  Enjoy your weekend, & Happy Easter! 


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  1. Easter is a great time of Year to celebrate and personally, I love celebrating with my family all special occasions. Last year we celebrated it at one of local Chicago venues. Turned out to be a great party there and all enjoyed a lot.